Mr. & Mrs. Khương Hữu Bá
More than a half century ago, Navy captain Khương Hữu Bá graduated from the French established Merchant Marine ( in 1951 "Hàng Hải Thương
Thuyền VN do Pháp thiết lập trước khi Phú Thọ) & French established Naval Academy [Khóa 2 TTHLHQ - Nha Trang,  Viet Nam], and the following
Post-Graduate schools: U.S. General Line at Monterey, U.S. Naval War College (post graduate studies), and Supreme Defense War College (Cao Đẵng
Quốc Phòng).

Under the command of Captain Khương, the USS LSM-175 (
Navy ship HQ-404) was the very first Vietanamese Navy ship (with an entire Vietnamese
crew) to have crossed the Pacific Ocean from the US back to South Vietnam, unescorted.

Having served in several “command-at-sea” positions, Mr. Bá Hữu Khương was one of the most highly decorated commanding "
Flag Officers" in the
South Vietnamese Navy to have earned Bão Quốc Huy Chương, đệ IV đẵng (an equivalent to the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor), the South
Vietnam Naval Command Medal , 1st class (Hải Quân Huy Chương –  đệ nhất -đẵng), and Medal of Honor, 1st class (Danh Dự Bội Tinh,  đệ nhất đẵng).

Mr.  Khương Hữu Bá held the following high ranking "Flag Commanding Officer" positions in the South Vietnamese Navy:

1.  Supreme Commander of Navy National Coastal Fleet * - Chỉ Huy Trưởng Lực Lương Hải Thuyền * ;

2. General Inspector of the (Vietnamese) Navy * - Chánh Thanh Tra Hải Quân * ;

3.   Superintendent of Naval Academy * - Chỉ Huy Trưởng Trung Tâm Huấn Luyệ̣n Sĩ Quan Hải Quân Nha Trang*;

4.  Fourth Coastal Zone Supreme Commander * - Tư Lệnh H.Q. vùng IV Duyên Hải & Đặc Khu Trưởng Phú Quốc (Army Regiment Military Special Zone
Commander) *

These positions report directly to the Chief of Naval Operations, and are normally under the command of flag officers (Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, and Admiral).

Mr. Khương, along with several other most senior flag officers and generals of the Armed Forces (one of whom was Air Marshall, later, Prime
Minister Nguyễn Cao Kỳ) signed The Constitution of the first Republic of South Vietnam, otherwise known as, Hiến Chương Vuñg Tàu.

Mr. Khương Hữu Bá  is married to Mrs. Lê Ngọc Trần Khương (youngest sister of prominent  Attorney-At-Law Trần Ngọc Liễng, Vice-Presidential
candidate, Minister of HUD and Social Affairs (Bộ Xã Hội), under Air Marshall & Prime Minister Nguyễn Cao Kỳ ) for nearly half a century.  Mr.
Khương's uncle is Dr. Khương Hữu Long, a former Minister of Health department in the government of his Majesty Emperor Bải Đại.

They are both retired and currently live in the United States of America.
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USS LSM-175 - HQ VNCH 404
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